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TRPR is a private, multi-client Washington, DC based consulting enterprise specializing in government affairs, media relations and fundraising.  This sole proprietorship, owned by Tim Richardson, offers clients over 30 years’ experience in issue and policy advocacy, messaging and grant writing.     


Tim Richardson      (202) 352-1269

Past Projects

Past Projects

Texas: Coastal Restoration, Rehabilitation, and Resiliance after DWH

Exxon Valdez.png

Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

Blurb about DWH goes here. Something something Texas work, McFadden beach, highlights, maybe some bullet points


Read more (link to Texas page)

Alaska: Conservation and Restoration after Exxon Valdez

Deepwater Horizon.png

Blurb about Exxon Valdez and your work for conservation. Bullet points maybe

Read more (link to Alaska page)

Exxon Valdez Oil Spill

Mississippi River: Conservation of Buck Island, etc.

Mississippi River

Project Media

Client goals achieved are the norm in the aftermath of catastrophes like the Exxon Valdez and Deepwater Horizon oil spills, or after recurring ‘100 year floods’ on the Mississippi, or following successively more damaging Gulf of Mexico hurricanes, or simply via old fashioned shoe leather, one-on-one personal persuasion and by ‘sweating the small stuff’ so clients don’t have to.

Client success at the federal, state, and local government level is a tradition for over 30 years of ‘TRPR’ government affairs consulting. 

Pathways for positive outcomes have varied but those outcomes include: 

Exxon Valdez
Mississippi River
  • Helping twenty-two clients receive over $500 million in oil spill restoration funds and hurricane disaster grants while conserving over 750,000 acres of Alaska coastal rainforest and wild salmon habitat as well as Texas' largest coastal marsh,

  • Preserving 58 million acres of roadless areas in our National Forest System,

  • Assisting with generating 2 billion impressions of invasive species messaging to outdoor recreationists,

  • Establishing the first public land based fishing and boating trail on the Lower Mississippi and helping to conserve 26,000 acres of riparian habitat in the Middle Miss,

  • Obtaining $10 million in grants from major foundations and competitive federal sources,

  • Earning print and television media awards while helping clients obtain positive media coverage impacting local, regional and national audiences.

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